It is no news that eBooks are now becoming very popular amongst writers and readers, with the acceptability of this sort of books, it has been proven beyond all doubts that eBooks are here to stay, yet not all authors have taken up this mode of publishing in delivery of their thoughts and concepts, due to reasons best known to them. An eBook (electronic book) is a book publication made available in digital form, either in text or image or in both ways readable on phones, computers, and several other electronic devices. An eBook is also the electronic version of a printed book though some books only exist in electronic formats, if a book exists in both eBook and printed format doesn’t mean that there is a change in the contents as the eBook contains the exact content of the printed copy(if the book has published hard copy).

The eBooks are widely receiving acceptability amongst reader, because the prices are oftentimes cheaper and this doesn’t mean that the writer won’t make money from the sales or will be giving it at a giveaway price, the reason why eBooks comes cheaper is that they are not printed and the cost for printing is not added to the books price, another reason is that the eBooks come to them with ease having no reason to pay for delivery as they can buy from the comfort of their house and on the go receiving the book directly on their device which is more comfortable for quite many book readers. With eBooks, one can search through the content of the document, outline, and copy for reference sake and more.

eBooks often come in Portable Document Format (PDF, MOBI, and ePub formats which are none editable format, so the content of the eBooks can’t be edited. The PDF is a format that works on all electronic devices and makes the device readable and read-only, though there are several formats of publishing an eBook the PDF is most popular as the content of the books can’t be tampered with or edited.
If you intend to publish a book an eBook is a good choice as it is not expensive to produce, printed books are still very relevant in this age, but if you are an author in this age and time it is important that your book also comes in an eBook format. The eBook is a soft copy which means that the book can be sent across several people without moving in and out, selling a book comes with a large cost for logistics as the writer has to deal with storage and delivery across the globe, but with eBook publishing books can’t be sent between countries without leaving your current location through an electronic medium.


To create an eBook is one of the easiest thing ever all you need to do is Input all the content of your book on a word processing software (you could include the front and back page of the book) arrange it in its proper order then convert it to the ePub or PDF format and the eBook is ready to be distributed. Selling the eBook is never a challenge as there are several electronic media of sales such as e-commerce and more with this the sale of the book becomes majorly online and the buyers from anywhere can access the book and get the book comfortably on their device.

With eBooks, font sizes don’t matter as readers can zoom into the book on their devices to suit them while reading, unlike the printed book that might be inconvenient to some readers with eye defects. eBooks are store on devices which makes it easier for readers to carry about, moving books might be a major challenge for readers but with eBooks, a large number of books can be stored on a device.

Whatever electronic devices you use to store and read eBooks, such as kindle iPad, Paperwhite, or smartphone, they can all store thousands of eBooks easily, when it comes to reading a book during the holidays on a train, at a bus stop, or in a free time, the eBook is readily available on your device to be read at your convenience. There are no special devices needed to read an eBook as any smartphone has been integrated to read an eBook file, once you have a smart device that has a screen you can be sure it will read an eBook. As it was earlier stated eBooks come at cheaper prices compared to their printed copies, making it quite affordable for students and several other book readers who acquire quite a large amount of books regularly.

As an author, it’s not a bad choice to make your books available in the eBook format as this doesn’t affect the sales of the book neither does it affects the acceptability of the book. Top authors of the world today have their books in the eBook format,. eBooks come with huge profits, though lesser than the printed book, the profit margin remains intact with the author not cumbered with the need to get a book printed.

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