Readers would only want to pick up a good book when they see or hear about one and how it has affected a change in the life of some they are aware of, so writers, book lovers, and readers must know what makes up a great book. If we look into this subject appropriately we would figure out some critical points that will help us in our next book writing or reading as the case may be, every book reader would want to ensure that their next book is interesting, insightful, creative, challenging, or inspiring depending on the type of book the reader finds interests in if one has an interest in reading books that helps with money management skills and the person eventually picks up a book and the books don’t in any way adds to the individual’s knowledge on money management the book is definitely not good to that person, because regardless of the reader, for you to pick up the idea of writing a book you must have a unique idea you want to share amongst people so it must be unique and regardless of how grounded your readers in your writing category are they should be able to get a new development, thought or initiative.

Good books as the saying goes, are not judged by its cover, neither is it judged by the size, shape, marketing, sales, weight, prints, listings, launching nor branding, all these are good qualities of a book, that a writer publishes just an eBook and another has a hardcopy doesn’t mean that the one is better than the other, sales is kind of cunning because some books often make sales in their first week of release due to intense marketing and branding yet it doesn’t qualify a book to be a book or better than one. It is very important that authors don’t get lax in making their book appealing at first sight and also making sure that their books are made of quality products with proper branding and marketing strategy, yet any book including the most useless book you have ever seen can go through all these stages and still make enormous sales and awareness.

Good book
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So what then makes a good book? it is important to note that no amount of book packaging and sales make a book to be referred to as a good book, as a writer, before you can decide to pick up a subject to write you must have well understood and know what you want to share uniquely. A writer is not selling the graphics quality neither, is the writer selling the size of the book, the major aim of the writer is to sell a uniquely conceptualized idea conveyed in a book, so to make it more appealing to the readers one could ensure that book also meets with the quality of other books in its categories doesn’t put your beautiful idea in a terribly looking book and packaging, yet that doesn’t make a good book.

Having known that you are not sharing or selling appearance but rather thought and a concept, it is important that the writer has a unique idea and must have done a lot of brainstorming to know that the book is a quality one and it is worth putting out. Some readers when picking up a book will immediately view the content page to see if there is something new the writer has to share regardless of the author, some folks believe that only a well-established author can write a good book, but that is not generally true as many budding authors also so have quite an amazing insight on those subjects too, so it is important that table of content page adequately gives an insight on what the book has to say. Truthfully one can’t know a good book without reading so if the readers can also recommend the book to people then it is a good book, a good book should be able to add value to someone and convey a unique idea. So if readers give positive reviews towards a book stating how the book has helped them and also recommend it to others, the book can be regarded as good.

Many readers often discard books that adds nothing to them or doesn’t captivate them, so as a writer one must ensure to be unique in the art and make sure you know what you are writing about and know what your potential readers have read and what more they will be willing to read, this way your book will be relevant to them and can also be recommended as good.

If you are willing to write a book that will be named “Good” make sure you know what you are writing about and generate a nice concept to deliver it. A good book is not by the looks, the cover, or sales, just ensure that what you are writing about is well known to you and be very sure of the contents of your book, don’t share what you don’t know, and ensure that what you shared is true and it is applicable depending on the type of book you are writing.

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