If you have ever seen a situation or happenings around you that seem to you as though you have the solution in your head, or you often have ideas, good descriptive imaginations, and personal thought and reservation about a subject, then writing a book should not be far from your thought. Many time people see it as a lot of work to put a book together, which requires that you put together the right grammatical expressions that will convey your writing to the readers effectively, but the truth is that with the new development of technology and innovations writing a book is not as difficult as you seem to place it. The fear of beginning something and its acceptability is one of the reasons why so many potentials left such a revered career of being a professional author to pursue some other things and keeping those amazing ideas and intellectual untapped and unpublished for others to make do with.

Such a high level of English language proficiency is not a factor to writing a book as often we have seen authors who wrote books in their native dialect which is more convenient for them to relate with, we have even seen how books written in several foreign languages has been translated in to English and many other languages of necessity. Most of the time major writers employ the service of the writer to expand their intentions and thoughts even into those large size books.

So if the question, should I write a book? Comes to mind then you should know that your mind is already registering the fact that there is content up in your head that is worth sharing, often many authors don’t know the amount of knowledge stored up in there till they pick a pen up to write on a subject.

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If you have ever shared an idea consistently with two or more people and it worked out producing a desired result it is very advisable that sort things should be written in a book, so as to increase the number people who could get such innovations and get same results, a book can travel very far than you could expect.

A small piece of publication can strike a chord in someone’s heart and the person can decide to travel around the world with that piece and even share with colleagues, hence, the book is fast gaining tremendous publicity, acceptability and meeting the needs of several people.


Many people are out there with such a rich intellectual capacity and yet their pocket is deficient of good money, converting your intellectual capacity and story into a book is good way to improve your earning, selling a book is not as difficult as you think with several kinds of book selling innovation, such as the social media and several online book sales platform. A good and popular example is the AMAZON store where any author can upload and sell their books even at the comfort of their homes.

Over the years many intellectually equipped people often die with the wealth of knowledge they carry, a good way of archiving your intellectual contents is to write them in a book, for several decades ago some of our amazing authors have died long ago and their works are still influencing and mentoring a whole lot of people.

By writing a book you are also proffering a solution to a known challenge, quite a lot of people have so many things they need to fix, start, develop or understand, and you might just have the right amount of words that sort those things or be a guide for them. For the fear of book publishing, many people seem to shy away because of the high cost of book production but with help of the internet and smartphone, many authors have adapted to publications of eBooks.

E-books are softcopy books, unprinted books that are readily available in soft copies only to be read on smartphones, computers, and other electronic visual gadgets, the cost of producing an eBook is not as that of producing the hardcopy. In this age where a large number of people stay glued to their phones daily, the eBook has become widely acceptable. So leave the cost aside and work on your first eBook today

Ultimately, writing a book is a good way to conserve your thought and also contributing to the development of several people across the world. A piece of publication can travel farther than the author would ever do. Start writing today.

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